Increase in green electricity production

3. December 2021|

The Welsberg Niederdorf district heating plant cooperative was founded in 2001 in Welsberg in Alta Pusteria (South Tyrol) and has since been supplying the two communities with environmentally friendly district heating. After the analysis of the current situation during a plant visit with inspection, VOIGT+WIPP Engineers carried out optimizations to increase the production of green electricity.

Precisely fitting. Innovative. Sustainable.

28. September 2021|

The Biomass Control Solution (BCS® Suite) by VOIGT+WIPP Engineers is the innovative, precisely fitting control product for modern biomass heating (power) plants. More than 10 years ago, the first BCS-FLR was used in a wood-fired power plant. The development was derived from our innovative control concepts for large-scale power plants. Through this technological application we were and are able to achieve results above the industry standard.

VOIGT+WIPP Engineers: Magnesite! A pioneer in Europe with the latest technology

25. August 2020|

STYROMAG GmbH has been operating the first and still the only fluidized bed furnace in the world for the production of caustic burned magnesite since 1985. In 2018/2019 the idea arose to modernize this manufacturing process and to set a new, outstanding benchmark in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

VOIGT+WIPP Engineers: Deployment in Korea – Remote into the future

24. June 2020|

We know our way around combustion plants, i.e. the generation of electricity and heat through combustion processes. Large, small, old, new - optimizing them is not only our core business but our passion. But a complete remote commissioning of our EPOC© Boiler combustion control system including hardware over many thousands of kilometers - that was a completely new challenge even for us.

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