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As CONENGA Group, we bundle competencies ranging from strategy and organizational development to process engineering, control engineering, digitalization, and process management. We enable effectively implemented digital transformation, understand specific process engineering challenges, map them digitally, and connect operational and strategic decision-makers in the project with coherent communication in each case.

Good consulting and services for our customers live from the energy and ideas of our team. Our current 30 employees and service partners are the key to success. We value their diverse expertise, rich experience and lived diversity as our greatest assets.

You too can become part of our colorful team!

What to expect

We are enthusiastic and passionate about our work. Sustainability drives us. We think outside the box and unconventionally. We value independent work, enjoy analyzing and modeling, and like diverse, varied, and challenging tasks.

Integrity, honesty and reliability are important to us. If a problem arises, we address it openly and work together to find a solution. Humor is especially important to us and we also like to celebrate the festivities as they fall.

Your benefits

Flexible working time

We find a suitable solution together


We know how different the needs of our employees are and adjust our time models accordingly. Flexible working hours are almost standard with us, and home office is a valuable addition to attendance time.

Further development

We develop our potentials together


Recognising and exploiting potential is the CONENGA Group’s credo. Therefore, we offer everyone the opportunity to develop their talents and personal potential – supported by training and further education.

Corporate culture

We are pulling in the same direction


Taking responsibility – for ourselves, our team and our customers is important to us. Challenges are addressed and solutions sought. We cultivate an appreciative relationship and always treat each other with respect and openness.

What we expect

We are looking for personalities with passion, sound understanding and professional depth. Enthusiasm is very important. You want to constantly develop yourself further, are open to new things and share our distinctive demand for quality.
You appreciate a family-like, relaxed atmosphere and enjoy working in a colorful, mixed team.
“Pigeonhole thinking” is far from you – you like to look beyond your own nose and can think laterally and network.

Open Positions

Our search was already successful in the area of project controlling