As an expert organization, the CONENGA Group has in-depth technical know-how in the optimization of combustion and industrial production processes. In the service area of management consulting, there is broad experience in strategy work from numerous customer projects. This knowledge is now also being used to shape the company’s own direction – employees are switching to the exciting role of in-house consultants for this purpose.

Design framework for strategy work

Barbara Eschbacher and Johann Sauermann worked on and planned the objectives of the strategy work, the procedure and the documentation of the results in coordination with the management. And one point should receive special attention: namely, the increase of self-responsibility among all employees. Everyone should be able to sharpen their understanding of the strategy and contribute their share to its implementation.

Independent preparation in teams – Artistry on the high wire

As is so often the case with strategy, it’s all about finding the right balance. In this specific case, the right mix of central requirements from management with individual contributions from employees.

After the information phase in February, the team should therefore become more active in this phase of strategy work. Dazu wurden vier Gruppen gebildet, die eigenverantwortlich zu zugewiesenen Schwerpunktthemen einen jeweils einstündigen Block für den Strategietag vorbereiten. All necessary contents, analyses and deepenings are to be prepared independently by the teams – including preparation of the presentation, discussion with moderation, documentation and preparation of the results.

Joint consolidation on strategy day – showdown in the team

Obwohl Strategiearbeit als laufender Prozess gesehen wird, sollte der Status aus den einzelnen Gruppen an einem gemeinsamen Strategietag zusammengeführt und ausgetauscht werden. So in mid-June, the entire team gathered at the Springer-Schlössl in Vienna to inform and inspire each other on the elaboration and implementation status. Expectations were correspondingly high and complex.

To further increase the excitement, an additional assignment was given to the groups at the opening of the strategy day: in addition to the presentation of the group results, the topic of leadership and corporate culture is to be prepared and introduced in a scenic presentation. Once again, it is important to ensure the right balance – that is, to create a balance between the well-planned and the spontaneous. This challenges the participants accordingly, brings important energy and attention as well as content complexity.

Outlook for the next steps

The strategy day made it clear how broad the competencies of the employees are and how strong the team is as a whole. The preparation of the contents, including the very different forms of active processing in the plenum as well as the expressive – and sometimes humorously light scenic presentations – have made you want to learn more.

So over the summer, work will continue in the four groups and content will be added. The transfer of the topics to the regular processes is planned for the fall, and the monitoring of the implementation will be anchored. Because that’s where the balance has to be struck again – this time between ongoing day-to-day business and the implementation of strategic focus topics. We are looking forward to the next steps on our common path!