Calculate your potentials!

To better quantify the heat recovery potential in biomass cogeneration plants through a flue gas condensation unit, an interdisciplinary team from the fields of process engineering, mathematics and digitalization at CONENGA Group has developed a web-based tool.

Flue gas condensation plays a major role in increasing fuel efficiency and thus getting more usable heat from the fuel. Overall, this also reduces emissions. Some of our customers are already using this technology, while others are considering retrofitting their plant with it. With the tool you can of course also calculate heat recovery potentials without condensation part.

Fig.1: Heat recovery in a flue gas condensation plant leads to maximum possible fuel efficiency

With the flue gas condensation potential estimation, the review of existing plants is made possible and first decision steps for new plants can be set. In addition to calculating the expected potential, it is also possible to display comparative cases with different scenarios directly in the tool. By entering the actual operating parameters, you can, for example, understand the effects of fuel-water content, residual oxygen content in the flue gas and return temperature of the district heating network on the potential of your plant.

The tool is part of a series of process engineering models that we use in our CONENGA Performance Cloud for online diagnosis of process engineering conditions and continuous improvement of your plant. We have now “extracted” a part of it and make it available to you free of charge.

If you would like to improve the heat recovery potential of your plant or are thinking about retrofitting, we invite you to try our tool free of charge. A one-time registration is all you need to get started.

Simply visit the following website:

We are looking forward to your feedback! Teilen Sie uns auch gerne mit, welche weiteren Berechnungen für Sie von besonderem Interesse sind. We will gladly take your input into account when developing the next tools we would like to make available to interested parties in the future.

Thanks for using it and have fun optimizing!

Your CONENGA Group Development Team