The intense, corona-induced home office period has fortunately come to an end again and (yet another time) the “new normal” of the working world begins. Contrary to the resulting trend towards more home offices, we decided to move to a larger office last year. This is because we are convinced of joint creating and would like to give all team members the opportunity to do this in the shared office.

Back to work – for us: Business as usual

As before Covid times, we work in an effective mix of office and home office – the “old working world” was already dedicated to more flexible working for us anyway – more or less adapted to the needs and requirements of our employees and customers.

A minimum of presence is decidedly desired at our company, and meeting and working together in the central office will continue to be an important part of our everyday work. In the home office, a lot of creativity and inspiration falls by the wayside, and in the long run, probably the company’s success as well. Here, our experience coincides with that of occupational psychologists that satisfaction and motivation decline and employees lose their emotional attachment to the company.

New insights and good prospects

On the contrary, returning to the office on a regular basis increases the well-being of our employees, making them more productive at home, too. Our new team members are finally getting to know their colleagues, and in the interpersonal exchange, innovative and creative ideas spontaneously emerge.

Thus, in the last few weeks, the private hobby of our colleague Daniela Böck gave rise to a real “participatory origami installation” in our CONENGA Lab.

About Origami…

The name origami comes from the Japanese language and combines the words “ori” for “fold” and “gami” for “paper”. Origami is the ancient and beautiful art of paper folding. The diverse designs, ease of learning, and minimal materials required make this particular art form a popular, decelerating, and grounding hobby.

Origami is strongly connected with mathematics and science. Thus, to this day, more and more complex folding methods have developed and today origami folding techniques can be found in the most diverse places (as an exciting example, space technology is mentioned here). In recent years, origami has also been increasingly revisited in art, and the talent and artwork of our colleague Daniela inspired us to create our own origami installation at CONENGA Lab.

Our “Origami Make-Away Installation”.

During our first big team meeting in the new office, this was finally unveiled and finalized. Our CONENGA Group logo was handmade as a 3-D work of art in a very resource-saving way using origami technology only from square pieces of paper.

Many flowers and birds in a variety of colors and patterns strive in all directions. They symbolize the diversity & creativity in the team, in which individual idiosyncrasies are allowed and definitely desired. “One’s own bird” – or perhaps more elegantly, “one’s personal touch” was energetically brought to bear in the creation and further development of this living work of art.