Digitization platform for your digital transformation

Over the past 3 years, CONENGA Group has developed an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution tailored to the needs of the process industry.-capable data platform is developed. This provides also small and medium-sized companies the possibility to start or expand digitization projects cost-effectively and securely -regardless of the location.

We bring together OT and IT

Data can be processed directly from the automation systems at the OT level as well as from other data sources at the IT level, and process values can be sent and stored almost indefinitely every second. The data transmission takes place via TLS connections encrypted at the protocol level and thus meets the highest security requirements.
Another advantage is that new data sources – whether on the receiver or sender side – can be added in a very simple way. With this state-of-the-art solution, we ensure smooth 24/7 operation as part of the digitization projects supported with this platform.

Due to its scalability, this solution is also suitable for large and extensive projects. The modern architecture as well as the applied technologies make them future-proof in their application.

One solution for multiple applications

Due to the high temporal resolution, which is also fully preserved for historical values, the data platform is suitable, among other things, for detecting anomalies, for process modeling and for generating soft sensors. Standard functions such as alerting or reporting, monitoring and individual KPI calculations are also available.

Die Plattform wird laufend erweitert und kann branchenunabhängig für unterschiedlichste Anwendungen herangezogen werden. Our engineers use the historical data just as successfully for various machine learning projects due to the good data quality (which is not always a matter of course with process data).

This way, we create forecast models for our customers, for example viaAI tools for energy procurement.

Let’s move your digitization project forward together! If you are interested and have any questions about this solution, please feel free to contact us.